Susanna Samanek

Susanna Samanek Praha


One thought on “Susanna Samanek

  1. Congratulations Petr, for an amazing picture of an amazing woman at the end of an amazing career. You might call this picture Susanna’s Swan Song, but if she read this she would probably disagree with me. Starting out by winning first place for her watercolor (A hard medium to master, yet she pulled it off flawlessly despite her tender years.) at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, and ending up halfway around the world, with her exhibition of “Tailor Mades” at the National Gallery in Prague. (In my opinion, a brilliant work of art, bordering on genius.) This picture symbolizes her Swan Song, although she would get mad at me if she read this. She is alone in the room with her art work which symbolizes that in regard to art she was in a class by her self. She stands in the doorway which symbolize a new beginning and/or a change of direction in her life, but not necessarily the end of her art, because her art is a part of her just like her hair and fingernails, and will always be with her until the day she leaves this earth. Her art is an expression of her soul, it is her way of communicating with the world, it is the air that she breaths and the food that she eats, it is her joy, her passion and her strenght. This work of art, this “Tailor Made, (long past its due date) is starting to show signs of neglect and wear and tear, and symbolizes her Swan Song, (her last big hurrah, her latest and greatest work) although she would hurt me if she read this. The basement, old, crumbling, falling apart, symbolizes the basement of her life and career. The dim light and long shadows, symbolizes twilight, the end of the day, the end of her life, the end of her career. She stands against the wall with that slight smile of hers (just like the Mona Lisa) dressed in dark clothes, which symbolize death (she used to be very colorful) Her favorite color used to be red, now apparently it is black, which tells me she is slowly dying on the inside, just like a bouquet of flowers which are starting to wilt, and it is sad to see because she is a wonderful, talented, beautiful person. But, do not be mistaken, even though this is Susanna’s Swan Song, she may be down but she is certainly not out, (although she would kill me if she read this, she has an edge to her, just like a cat with claws or a rose with thorns.) I am not saying this is the end of Susanna, far from it, but she cannot continue on the path she is on, something in her life has to change, and you Petr, captured Susanna in a remarkable photograph in the right place at the right time, it was very incisive, it was inspired, Congratulations! Even though Susanna is celebrating another birthday, she still has a lot of life in her, she is still very young and very beautiful and she is on the verge of being reborn, just like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, we shall have to wait and see what happens! So, Congratulations, once again Petr for an outstanding photograph! Keep up the good work!!!

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