Offer and cooperation

If you like  photos on this web page and have interest in any kind of cooperation or in using his photos – contact Petr Horcicka . You can offer to him document your event. But he photographs only what he likes or find interesting. The cost depends on how rich or poor you are. The lowest price starts on 1 bottle of Havana rum (or very good wine) for 5-20 photos – only for very poor artists.  For the institutions, members of middle and high class standart prices are set, with respect to your satisfaction or unsatisfaction with the photos.  If you will be not satisfied by the pics, you will not pay for them.

His photography are used by:

Revolver Revue  – czech prestigious literary and cultural magazine.

Babylon – czech magazine mainly focusing on politics, culture and literature.

Vltava – czech public service broadcasting focusing on culture, art and classical music.

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty – a state run U.S. broadcasting organization that provides news, information, and analysis to countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Genesis P-Orridge – Legendary English singer-songwriter, musician, poet and performance artist.

Vaclav Havel Library

Tvar – czech magazine focusing on contemporary literature and literary criticism.


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